This works great as an HTPC remote. I'm currently using it with the Boxee for PC software, and other than having to replace the battery (Energizer Watch/Electronic Batteries, 3 Volts, 2032, 2 batteries (Lithium Button Cell)) to correct some reception issues (keypresses not registering, or registering multiple times) it's worked very well.PROS/CONS: RF range is good, and of course doesn't rely

Boxee Box (D-Link) Teardown - TechRepublic Dec 06, 2010 Update - The Unofficial Boxee Box Wiki boxee.iso. Boxee Box software updates are distributed as a file named boxee.iso. The file is not an CD-ROM ISO per se, but actually a SquashFS filesystem. These updates appear to perform a fresh OS install, rather than applying incremental updates. In Recovery Mode, the system can install a boxee.iso file from a USB storage device. In this way

My T-Box remote stopped working again (its already a replacement). I have checked the batteries, they are okay. I had rang the support team and they said they would send a replacement, but also suggested sending a new t-box, since it the second remote that stopped working. 3 weeks later I haven't received anyhting but a return envelope to

If your MCE compatible remote stopped working in Ubuntu 14.04 or another newer release of Linux, check for this weird problem! August 12, 2014 by Admin Note: The issue described below is not the same one that is affecting many users of recent versions of Ubuntu. Boxee Box (D-Link) Teardown - TechRepublic Dec 06, 2010

Dec 06, 2010

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