I can set up Forwarding to forward port 80 to and that works fine, but it's open to any outside IP address. So I then created a Firewall > Access Rule to restrict port 80 access to only the external IP address. However as soon as I do that, all access to port 80 is blocked. The access rule I set up was: Priority: 1. Policy Name: HTTP

Re: Port Forward IP address must be in LAN address > I am trying to port forward a device that has an IP address > 192.168.0.xxx but the range of the LAN is Port Forwarding for ALIBI IP Devices - SuperCircuits If any devices have dynamic IP address (address assigned dynamically by the router) change these address to fixed addresses by disabling the DHCP option. Refer to the documentation provided for the device for more information. 3. Configure your router to assign ports (port forward) to … How to set up Port Forwarding - Virgin Media Community

Nov 15, 2019

Hello. I have a problem with port forwarding after I changed comcast business modem. I have comcast modem and own router connected to modem. The comcast modem has public ip 71.59.xxx.xx and private ip 192.xxx.x.x The router has wan ip address 192.xxx.x.x and private ip 10.x.x.x All computer are conn

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Nov 15, 2019 · While other routers let you put the whole IP in (Some users accidentaly put the internet IP instead of the Local IP in). People can get confused on what IP address they should put in. Other times people may want to make a port forwarding rule for their PS3 or Xbox and put the wrong IP in as well. Testing the port status for the computer inside a subnet is only possible with port forwarding. Also, please note that in case you are testing open port for your local IP address i.e. if your Ip is similar to 192.168.1.xxx you are trying to check open port on internal IP and it is not going to work. A workstation makes a connection to my WAN IP address provided by my ISP, on the port 3389 (RDP). At the router level, the port value is checked against the existing port forwarding rules. Once the rule is found, the router will “forward” the request to the local IP address ( associated with the port, illustrated by “blue