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League of Legends: Best quality settings. As far as graphics settings are concerned, it’s vital that you achieve 60 FPS even in the most intense moments. During chaotic teamfights where particle effects, abilities and all sorts are flying across the screen, you want the game to be running buttery smooth without any hitches at all. The best League of Legends skins | PCGamesN Best looking League of Legends skins. These skins are the ones that look rad. Be it particularly sweet splash art, a great redesign of a character or especially cool effects on attacks and spells 5 Best League of Legends Champions for Beginners in Each

Best League of Legends mid champions. Annie – The Dark Child. Annie embodies a lot of what it is to be a mid laner. Strong crowd control and high burst-magic damage are the payoffs for minimal Top 20 Best League Of Legends Sites Ranked April

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7 of the Best League Of Legends YouTube Channels