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Sign in - Google Accounts How to Delete Your Gmail Account In such cases, you can delete that Gmail account and still keep your YouTube and Google Accounts intact. Turns out it’s quite easy to delete your Gmail account. But before deleting the account please make sure that you have unsubscribed the services associated with it and have notified your bank and changed your email address in their records. How to Delete Gmail Accounts from Android Phone So, if you are selling or giving away your phone then you must delete Gmail account from it or else the new owner can easily access to all your private data and can misuse them. Part 1. Consequences of Deleting Gmail Account from Android Phone Part 2.

May 01, 2020

Login to the Gmail account into the Google Chrome browser. Click three dots icon on the top right corner of the browser page and then click History into the drop down menu. Now, Click Clear browsing data on the left side of the History page. Select the Time range and then select download and browsing History. How do I delete search history on gmail? - Gmail Community Go to the search box in Gmail; Type the first part of the search you want to delete; When the dropdown appears with one of the options you don't want, hover over that option with your mouse; An "x"

The auto-complete suggestions offered in the Gmail search box are not actually "history" - they includes the previous searches you've made in Gmail. After the latest update, the search now includes your contacts, and the content of your email messages (and/or attachments).

I am using an iphone 7 plus. I had logged in from 2 different accounts in my gmail app from the phone. Now when i want to login in again it keeps on showing the 2 account usernames. I do not want to see the 2 account usernames. How can I delete the username history […] How To View Gmail Login History - Tech Junkie