Apr 28, 2018

New Enhanced Xbox 360 titles and feature come to Xbox One Feb 27, 2018 Xbox Live Gold membership good for both Xbox One and 360 The same Live Gold membership can be used on both the Xbox 360 and the upcoming Xbox One. And multiple accounts will be able to tap into that single membership.

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Jul 20, 2020 Can I use my XBOX 360 Kinect with my Xbox one? - Microsoft

As for the disc, you will have to buy a separate one for Xbox One. The $10 upgrade was only active for a short time after the Xbox One version release. If you want to be able to play on both, you need a copy for both systems. You can buy a digital copy for Xbox One too if you prefer, but personally I am a physical copy kind of guy on console

Can Xbox One play Xbox 360 games? Yes — here's how A sample of some of the Xbox 360 games that can be played on Xbox One. William Antonelli/Business Insider So if you have a sudden itch to replay "Borderlands 2" or "Fallout: New Vegas," but you Can the Xbox One play Xbox 360 discs? - Quora